Yes, even with more mature 4 and 5 year-olds, the staff are responsible for ensuring that the children follow proper bathroom procedures including toilet flushing and proper hand-washing. Paying attention and monitoring children using the restroom both before and after is always the best practice. Simply ask, "Did you wash your hands? Did you flush the toilet?"

We suggest a rotation of staff members being assigned to bathroom checks. This way the restrooms always stay clean.

Any hazardous or dangerous materials need to be placed out of the reach of young children and properly secured in a locked cabinet; non-hazardous materials such as extra clothing needs to be stored in such a manner that the floor is easily cleaned. Remember, any item stored on the floor needs to be moved on a regular basis and cleaned underneath and around it.

The restrooms need to be checked by a staff member after every use.

If the sink is being used for hand-washing other than toileting purposes, then the sink must be disinfected after toileting hand-washing and before general hand-washing. The sink should be disinfected at the beginning of your day. The toilet should be disinfected at the beginning of your day as well, and then when needed throughout the day.

Allow a child to use the restroom when he or she expresses the need to do so; other children may be invited, but must not be required to go. Children need to be supervised when using the restroom, so don't forget to send an adult along with them.

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