If bleach solution is not approved or allowed by your center then you must use an EPA-approved sanitizer and you must use it according to the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Many teachers elect to wear an apron as a part of a professional uniform in the classroom to protect their clothing.

Children can:

  • Spray soap and water
  • Set the timers
  • Wipe tables dry after soap and water

Surfaces first must be cleaned before either sanitizing or disinfecting. Cleaning with detergent and water will remove many germs. A sanitizer is a product that REDUCES germs on surfaces. A sanitizer is used on food contact surfaces (tables, dishes, utensils, trays). A disinfectant is a product that DESTROYS germs on surfaces such as diaper changing tables, toilets, and other bathroom surfaces.

If you've trained the cafeteria staff to follow the required procedures, that's fine. But if not, you need to make sure that the proper steps are followed so that children have a properly cleaned and sanitized surface to use when eating.

Tables need to be sanitized before each group mealtime. If your center allows children to eat at a self-selected time, then paper placemats or a sanitized tray is acceptable. If no tray or placemat is used, then the space where the next child will be sitting at must be cleaned and sanitized before they sit down. The entire table will not need to be cleaned and sanitized until all children are finished with their mealtime.

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