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You will find high-quality classrooms in a wide variety of settings. Some are in large open areas while others might have just enough room for the furniture that they need. When you are thinking about the arrangement of your room, consider whether quiet activities have the space they need in order for the children to use them appropriately while also being placed apart from active play areas. Think about how easy it will be to supervise the children from various vantage points around your classroom. It's essential for the childs safety and your ability to maximize the learning experiences that they can be visible to the adults in your classroom at all times.

Key Points:
Consider all vantage points and not just the locations you tend to gravitate towards
Set up both quiet and active areas
Ensure that areas provide adequate space for activities
Ensure that areas don't interrupt each other

Watch the video to learn more.

Reflection: How did you decide how to arrange your room? How often do you change your room?

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