Start with supplies of household materials and recycled items.

Small building toys
Art materials

The reviewer will be looking all around your inside and outdoor environment for materials and giving credit for the materials that meet the definition of "fine motor"- so yes, if the math activity is a fine motor material, it will count.

The reviewer will be looking at both the indoor and outdoor environment for fine motor materials.

If you are trying to meet "substantial portion of the day…" the outdoor environment must have at least one item from each category – art, small building materials, manipulatives, and puzzles.

A quiet area is a space that allows children to sit and concentrate without unwanted interruption from an active area (like the block area).

Many centers have different names for fine motor materials but as long as it has the characteristic of a fine motor material you may label it however you wish.

This means that there cannot be any missing pieces nor can there be any pieces broken or otherwise damaged.

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