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Dramatic play offers children an opportunity to use their imaginations and explore ideas about the world around them. Children develop language and social skills while talking, cooperating, and coordinating. They can pretend to be a doctor and take another child's temperature; they can pretend to be a parent who is cooking a meal while also taking care of a baby. Outdoor areas offer settings for firefighting, construction, travel, and are only limited by children's imagination. When children have access to a wide range of props, their play is enhanced. Their ability to have meaningful play grows when their environments and materials allow for greater exploration.

Key Points:
Make sure children have access to materials on their own
Consider a wide variety of themes in the areas of work, fantasy, leisure, and housekeeping
Provide a variety of materials that support at least two themes
Include materials that represent diversity in race, culture, ability, age, and gender

Watch the video to learn more.

Reflection: How do you make your dramatic play area inviting to children?

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