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Stack, build, crash, fall! This is what blocks are all about! Sometimes fine motor materials are confused with blocks. Interlocking blocks that fit together are not considered blocks. Blocks must be stackable and fallable. Because blocks can easily fall while a child is building a skyscraper or castle, it is important that they have their own special space in your classroom. This area should be out of normal traffic flows and large enough for at least three children to play.

Key Points:
Make sure children have access to materials on their own
Ensure adequate, uncluttered floor space for at least three children to work together
Provide a variety of blocks, in enough number and type for children to build sizable structures
through balancing, stacking, or creating
Use accessories that add to, rather than detract from, block play

Watch the video to learn more.

Reflection: Why do you think blocks are important for young children?

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